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FLU4358 - FLUORITE with minor Chalcopyrite, Calcite, Strontianite

$200.00 Weight: 510 g

Cave-In-Rock Sub-District, Illinois-Kentucky Fluorospar District, Hardin County, Illinois, USA
83mm x 70mm x 45mm
Yellow cubic fluorite phantom crystals to 40 mm across, growing beneath a thin outer light purple fluorite zone visible on most crystals. Dark green tarnished chalcopyrite crystals to 2 mm across are sprinkled across the fluorites, and a cluster of small light yellow scalenohedral calcite crystals to 2 mm is also sparsely present. A few tan sprays of strontianite complete this combination specimen. The yellow fluorite fluoresces yellow under shortwave UV light; the strontianite fluoresces yellow under longwave, midwave and shortwave UV light, and the calcite fluoresces bright orange under shortwave and pink under midwave UV light (see photo above). There is damage along the edge of one crystal, and a couple of slight corner rubs on the fluorites; still very nice for the location. See the special “Illinois-Kentucky Fluorite District” issue of Mineralogical Record, Volume 28, Number 1 (January – February, 1997), pages 44 – 45 for additional information regarding mineral occurrences in this District.

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