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BER3571 - Beryl var. Aquamarine on Albite

$250.00 Weight: 340 g

Erongo Massif, Omaruru District, Erongo Region, Namibia
64mm x 52mm x 25mm
Small Cabinet
At least three transparent to translucent blue aquamarine beryl crystals (the largest 52 x 10 x 8 mm) sit atop a white albite matrix on this specimen. Flat terminations. Undamaged, except for truncation of two beryl crystals at the upper left portion of the piece, where it contacted the surrounding matrix. Specimen is mounted on a clear pedestal for display. For more information, see the special Erongo Mineralogical Record issue (Volume 37, Number 5 – September-October, 2006, pp. 361-470).

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