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BEN3708 - Benitoite, Neptunite on Natrolite

$180.00 Weight: 283 g

Dallas (Benitoite) Gem Mine, New Idria District, San Benito County, California, USA
59mm x 31mm x 14mm
This specimen consists of three major benitoite crystals (the largest 7 mm across), along with several smaller ones, scattered with prismatic black neptunite crystals across a natrolite matrix. Most of the natrolite has been dissolved away to reveal the benitoites and neptunites. Benitoite is fluorescent light blue under shortwave (254 nm) UV light; also fluorescent (but less so) under midwave UV. One benitoite has a small edge chip visible under 10x magnification; otherwise no damage. More information about this occurrence can be found in the California issue of the Mineralogical Record, Volume 8, Number 6 (November – December, 1977), pages 442-452.

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