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CAL4365 - Calcite with Pyrite and minor Baryte, Sphalerite

$65.00 Weight: 283 g

Gordon #2 Replacement Ore Body, 21 Level, Camp Bird Mine, Sneffels District, Ouray County, Colorado, USA
88mm x 67mm x 39mm
Interesting specimen, consisting of white “dogtooth” calcite crystals to over 1.5 cm in length, with associated lustrous cubopyritohedral pyrite crystals, individually to 0.4 cm across. Also present are some opaque white bladed barite crystals to 1.8 cm in length, and very minor sphalerite. The calcites are fluorescent pink under longwave UV, and bright orange under midwave and shortwave UV light. The yellow-green patina across portions of the specimen are most likely due to a micro-thin coating of drusy quartz and a Chlorite Group mineral. Some minor edge-rubs on a couple of calcites seen under magnification; otherwise damage-free. Read an excellent write-up of this famous Colorado gold mine in Rocks & Minerals, Volume 65, Number 2 (March – April, 1990), pages 114-149.

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