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RHO2106 - Rhodochrosite, Gypsum var. Selenite on Drusy Quartz

$150.00 Weight: 369 g

Sunnyside Mine, near Gladstone, Silverton District, San Juan County, Colorado, USA
87mm x 51mm x 35mm
Light pink rhombohedral rhodochrosite crystals (to about 0.2 cm across) have grown atop colorless drusy quartz. One colorless gypsum var. selenite crystal (1.4 x 0.8 x 0.4 cm) is also present, as seen in the photos above. Nice specimen from this classic Colorado locality. Additional information regarding this occurrence can be found in Rocks & Minerals, Volume 63, Number 5 (1988), pages 366-384; also Volume 71, Number 3 (1996), pages 165-166, and Volume 75, Number 5 (2000), pages 306-307.

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