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RHO4616 - Rhodochrosite on Green and Milky Quartz

$60.00 Weight: 340 g

Grizzly Bear Mine, Ouray (Uncompaghre) District, Ouray County, Colorado, USA
73mm x 50mm x 30mm
Small Cabinet
Translucent light pink rhodochrosite rosettes to 0.7 cm across, consisting of clusters of individual rhombohedral crystals to 0.2 cm across sitting atop two generations of quartz crystals. The first generation consists of short prismatic milky quartz crystals to 0.7 cm in length. These crystals are overgrown with white to green (chlorite-included) drusy milky quartz. Contacting present in two areas; otherwise damage-free. Minor striated modified cubic pyrite crystals to 0.2 cm across also present. Additional information about this now-closed locality can be found in Rocks & Minerals, Volume 75, Number 5, September-October, 2000, pages 302-316; also in ExtraLapis No. 15, “The San Juan Triangle of Colorado – Mountains of Minerals”, pages 60-67.

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