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FLU3663 - Fluorite, Sphalerite on Dolomite

$75.00 Weight: 198 g

Elmwood Mine, Central Tennessee Ba-F-Pb-Zn District, Smith County, Tennessee, USA
52mm x 50mm x 34mm
This specimen features a prominent deep purple translucent cubic fluorite crystal measuring 12 x 9 x 8 mm across, with translucent dark amber-red sphalerite crystals to 10 mm across, all on a limestone matrix. Colorless drusy quartz coats much of the matrix; there are also a couple of additional smaller cubic fluorites and one 0.3 cm doubly-terminated colorless calcite crystal present. Sawn base. Very slight edge rub seen at the bottom edge of the main fluorite crystal under 10x magnification; also damage to the tip of one sphalerite crystal. This is a neat miniature from this classic occurrence. A good summary of mining in this area can be found in the Mineralogical Record, Volume 9, Number 4 (July – August, 1978), pages 213 – 218.

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