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QUA2251 - QUARTZ var. Chalcedony (Agatized Coral-polished pair)

$40.00 Weight: 369 g

Withlacoochee River, Lowndes County, Georgia, USA
92mm x 71mm x 33mm
This agatized coral geode consists of translucent tea-colored chalcedony, with an interior of white common opal. Note the “waterline banding” of the common opal interior on the chalcedony fingers as silica-laden waters entered the specimen from the large escape channel (seen in the right half). Fluorescent (and slightly phosphorescent) yellow, with fortification banding visible under longwave, midwave and shortwave UV light. Collected from lower Miocene clays of the Hawthorn Group. Individual dimensions are: (92 x 71 x 33 mm & 85 x 73 x 31 mm).

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