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MIC4723 - Microcline var. Amazonite, Albite var. Cleavelandite

$450.00 Weight: 283 g

Smoky Hawk Mine, Lucky Monday Pocket; near Florrisant; Crystal Peak District; Teller County, Colorado, USA
56mm x 36mm x 24mm
Nice combo piece, featuring a cluster of blue-green amazonite crystals, accompanied by a translucent tapered smoky quartz crystal, and finished off with a snowball-like white bladed cleavelandite cluster. One repair, not obvious from the front of the specimen. Other than a fracture inside the base of the smoky quartz, no damage. Recently collected by Joe Dorris and his family. A well-written pair of articles on the Lucky Monday Pocket find can be read in Minerals, The Collector Newspaper, Issue #6 (2013), pages 1-10.

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