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SPE4832 - Spessartine on Smoky Quartz

$250.00 Weight: 369 g

Tongbei; Yunxiao County; Zhangzhou Prefecture; Fujian Province, China
62mm x 56mm x 47mm
A large (47 x 20 x 15 mm) transparent to translucent smoky quartz crystal dominates this specimen. Blocky tan orthoclase crystals to 13 mm across are associated, and comprise much of the matrix. Covering both the prismatic portion of the smoky quartz and orthoclase are small, orange transparent trapezohedral spessartine crystals, averaging 1 – 2 mm across. There is a small ding on the tip of the major smoky quartz crystal; otherwise only contacting where the specimen was removed from the quarry. See the article on this location in the Mineralogical Record, Volume 36, Number 1 (2005), pages 35-43.

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