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MIC4784 - Microcline var. Amazonite, Albite var. Cleavelandite, Smoky Quartz minor Casserite Columbite-(Fe)

$700.00 Weight: 397 g

Smoky Hawk Mine, near Florissant; Crystal Peak District; Teller County, Colorado, USA
85mm x 60mm x 29mm
Nice colorful combination specimen consisting of bright blue-green amazonite crystals set among bright white hemispherical mounds of bladed cleavelandite crystals. Also among the cleavelandites are scattered gray to brown translucent tapered smoky quartz crystals. Very minor black cassiterite, columbite-(Fe) also present. Damage seen as a couple of smoky quartz crystals are missing. Specimen collected by Joe Dorris and his family.

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