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FLU3945 - Fluorite on Sphalerite

$190.00 Weight: 681 g

Elmwood Mine, near Carthage; Central Tennessee Ba-F-Pb-Zn District; Smith County, Tennessee, USA
108mm x 77mm x 33mm
Light purple cubic fluorite crystals up to 30 mm across sit atop a lustrous dark brown crystalline sphalerite matrix. The center portions of the fluorite crystals are mostly colorless, with outer purple zones. The faces show marked stepped growth, characteristic of most Elmwood fluorite specimens. The corners of some of the fluorites are slightly cleaved, as can be seen in the photos. A good summary of mining in this area can be found in the Mineralogical Record, Volume 9, Number 4 (July – August, 1978), pages 213 – 218; also Volume 12, Number 1 (1981), page 47, and Volume 27, Number 3 (1996), pages 171-173.

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