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ALM5215 - ALMANDINE with DRAVITE in Biotite-Graphite Phyllite

$280.00 Weight: 454 g

Red Embers Mine, near Erving; Franklin County, Massachusetts, USA
125mm x 99mm x 19mm
Great specimen consisting of four major and five minor dark red gemmy cube-modified tetragonal trisoctahedral crystals of pyrope-almandine to 15 mm across, encased in fine-grained dark gray biotite-graphite phyllite. Also present are scattered thin black prismatic crystals of dravite to 8 mm long. Once mined, the specimens are prepared using air abrasion techniques, removing the phyllite while exposing the garnet crystals. The rear areas behind each major garnet crystal are also abraded away, allowing for these beauties to glow red when back-lit. Collected by Jason Baskin and his associates. From the 2015 offering. A brief description of this find can be found in Rocks and Minerals, Volume 91, Number 5 (September-October, 2016), page 453-457.

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